Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2022/9


  • Francesco Lione: Are the times ripe for „super senior” capital structures that include term loan debt? (579)


  • William Steel, Seema Shukla: Deed polls: a difficult solution to a difficult problem (582)
  • Andrew Keay: Unsecured loans and ascertaining cash flow insolvency (586)
  • Rebecca Oliver: The National Security and Investment Act 2021: secured lenders can take comfort in latest guidance but exercising voting rights remains a risk (591)
  • James Burnie, Meghan Millward, Matthew Kimber: What’s at stake? The legal treatment of staking (594)
  • Sukhvir Basran, Eoin O’Connor: ESG integration in private debt (599)
  • Hanif Virji: Capacity: is the question of hedging or speculation mis-stated? (602)
  • Joshua Crow: ISDA Definitions 2021: Calculation Agent not required to produce objectively reasonable result (604)
  • Vishal Mawkin, Peter Young, Miguel Torres Caro: Project bonds and energy transition: a proven financing solution (606)
  • Lara Panahy, Nick Lister: „There is nothing so stable as change”: is the Treasury’s proposed new special admiinstration regim for stablecoin and other systemic DSA firms a change in the right direction? (610)
  • Anthony Dearing: Base metal traders betting on the courts to enforce their trades in a disorderly market (614)
  • Meera Ragha, Diego Ballon Ossio: English law in the 21th century: does it need an update to accommodate crypto? (617)
  • David Murphy: Regualory mandates and review in the 2022 Financial Services and Markets Bill: making their own homework (619)
  • Ajay Malhotra, Ceri Morgan, Zoe Diepstraten: Interpreting ICC standardised rules in trade finance disputes: courts take an international perspective (622)

In Practice

  • Catherine Phillips: Safe harbours in lending transactions: exclusions from the requirement to register express trust (625)
  • Iain Balkwill: CMBS and its new cousin, the CRE CLO (627)
  • Christine Ezcutari, Paolo Pinna: Sustainability-linked loans: what more do you need to know? 628)


  • Case Analysis by Hogan Lovells (630)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (634)
  • Market Movements by CMS (637)
  • Deals (639)
  • Legal Ease by Lexis PSL (640)
  • International Briefings from Finland and Switzerland (641)