Political Studies Review 2021/4


  • Jostein Askim, Rune Karlsen, Kristoffer Kolltveit: Public Office as a Stepping-Stone? Investigating the Careers of Ministerial Advisors (539)
  • Rahime Süleymanog˘lu-Kürüm: The Sociology of Diplomats and Foreign Policy Sector:
    The Role of Cliques on the Policy-Making Process (558)
  • Konstantin Vössing: The Quality of Political Information (574)
  • LJ Zigerell: US Public Perceptions of an Intelligence Quotient Test Score
    Gap Between Black Americans and White Americans (591)
  • Rubén Sánchez Medero: Democratization in Political Communication (607)
  • Thomas Prosser: European Insiders and Outsiders? Assessing the Reaction
    of German and French Trade Unions to EU Austerity (624)
  • Alejandro M Peña: Activist Parties and Hybrid Party Behaviours: A Typological Reassessment of Partisan Mobilisation (637)

State of the Art

  • Tianru Guan, Tianyang Liu, Yilu Yang: Moving Away From Partisanship: Diversifying the Motives Behind Political Polarization (656)

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