Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2023/11


  • David Quest: Large language models: a legal liability minefield (735)


  • Charles Kerrigan: What does AI mean for professional services business models? (738)
  • Tom Leary: Regulation 7(4) : when is an entity controlled by a sanctioned person? (742)
  • Jamie Macpherson, Andrew Perkins, Henry-Stewart Brown, Samuel Brooks, Sophie Donnithorne-Tait: Private credit continuation funds: a developing frontier for secondary transactions? (745)
  • Chee Ho Tham: Assignment (or novation) of indemnity policies? (748)
  • Henry O’Connor: The key to harnessing the ownership powr of NFTs: the need for standardised decentralisation protocols (753)
  • George Pelling, Ijeoma Nwala, Samantha Hutchinson, Adam Blakemore, Satvi Vepa, Alix Prentice: Enforcing security over limited partner interests in English limited partnerships (758)
  • Stephanies Tozer, Kavish Shah: Damages for the damnified? What DOES Law of Property Act s 104(2) mean? (763)
  • Andrew Thornton, Ben Shaw: A company’s objects: do they still matter? (765)
  • Tauhid Ijaz, George Kiladze: Significant Risk Transfer’s impact on the output floor under Basel III: the EU’s proposed panacea unveiled (768)
  • Peter Alderdice: Scotland’s new statuory pledge: taking security from individuals and unincorporated organisations (774)
  • Alexia Knight: The Mandatory Reimbursement Scheme: the obvious points of conflict within the proposals (777)
  • Anthea Bowater, Simon Orton: ESG litigation in the context of financial services: a global gear change? (779)
  • Edward F Greene, Jared Gerber, David Lopez, Duane McLaughlin, Emily Arndt, Sabrina Singer, Brandon Welcome: The need for a modernised response to financial product regulation (783)

In Practice

  • Kerry Langton: Lender diligence over Intellectual Property Rights and taking security over domain names (787)
  • Stuart Murdoch, Rory Milkova: Does the „D” in PSD3 stands for „divergence”? PSD3 and payment services in the UK (789)
  • James Barrett: Coaching andd the corporate witness (791)


  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court (792)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (796)
  • Market Movements by CMS (801)
  • Deals (803)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis+® UK (804)