Comparative Politics 2024/2 (Vol. 56.)

  • Federico Fuchs: Competition, Cooperation, and Influence in the Informal Economy: Interest Representation in Informal Markets in Mexico City (123)
  • Hsu Yumin Wang: Appeasing Workers without Great Loss: Autocracy and Progressive Labor Legislation (149)
  • Ling S. Chen: Institutional Rebound: Why Reforming China’s State-Owned Enterprises Is so Difficult (173)
  • Giovanni Capoccia, Grigore Pop-Eleches: Trying Perpetrators: Denazification Trials and Support for Democracy in West Germany (197)
  • Ezequiel González-Ocantos, Carlos Meléndez: Rethinking the Role of Issue-Voting in Referenda: Conjoint and Vote Choice Analyses of Preferences for Constitutional Change in Chile (219)

Review Article

  • Dmitrii Kofanov: Sources of Authoritarian Resilience: New Perspectives on Power-Sharing and Popular Support (243)
  • Abstracts (265)


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