Human Rights Quarterly 2023/4


  • Hans Ingvar Roth: P.C. Chang and Charles Malik: The Two Philosophers of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (545)
  • Eva Brems: UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies Talking to Domestic Adjudicators Through Their Quasi-judicial Work: An Examination of CERD and CEDAW (568)
  • Jean Connolly Carmalt: Human Rights, Remedy, and Everyday Geographies of Injustice: Perspectives from a Participatory Action Research Project (601)
  • Cosette D. Creamer, Zuzanna Godzimirska: Trust, Legal Elites, and the European Court of Human Rights (628)
  • Gauthier de Beco: The Revival of Human Rights: A New Perspective on Human Rights Through the Lens of Disability (665)
  • Mia Jeronimus: Suffering and Survival: The Experience of Dutch Women in Japanese Internment Camps in Java, 1941–45 (695)

Book Reviews

  • Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann: Time for Reparations: A Global Perspective eds. by Jacqueline Bhabha, Margareta Matache & Caroline Elkins ) (722)
  • Muneeb Khan, Yen-Chiang Chang: International Human Rights Law and Destitution: An Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Perspective by Luke D. Graham (729)
  • Mark Gibney: Human Rights for Pragmatists: Social Power in Modern Times by Jack Snyder (731)
  • Rebecca Root: The War in Court: Inside the Long Fight Against Torture by Lisa Hajjar (733)
  • Don Selby: Border Humanitarians: Gendered Order and Insecurity on the Thai-Burmese Frontier by Adam P. Saltsman (734)
  • Eric Stover: Mass Graves, Truth and Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Investigation of Mass Graves eds. by Ellie Smith & Melanie Klinker ) (739)
  • Richard Ashby Wilson: Regardless of Frontiers: Global Freedom of Expression in a Troubled World eds. by Lee C. Bollinger & Agnès Callamard (742)
  • Contributors (746)


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