Comparative Politics 2023/4 (vol. 55)

  • Benjamín García Holgado, Scott Mainwaring: Why Democracy Survives Presidential Encroachments: Argentina since 1983 (525)
  • Jessica Zarkin: The Silent Militarization: Explaining the Logic of Military Members’ Appointment as Police Chiefs (549)
  • Naosuke Mukoyama: Colonial Oil and State-Making: The Separate Independence of Qatar and Bahrain (573)
  • Xi Chen, Kai Yang: The Puzzle of Cross-Provincial Activism in China: From Relational Dynamics to State Strategies (597)
  • Salam Alsaadi: International Competitive Involvement during Democratic Transitions and State Repression (617)

Research Note

  • Christoph Dworschak: Civil Resistance in the Streetlight: Replicating and Assessing Evidence on Nonviolent Effectiveness (639)
  • Abstracts (653)
  • Index to Volume 55 (657)


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