Comparative Politics 2023/2 (vol.55)

  • Anja Giudici, Jane Gingrich, Tom Chevalier, Matthias Haslberger: Center-Right Parties and Post-War Secondary Education (193)
  • Sergiu Gherghina, Caroline Close, Christopher Carman: Parliamentarians’ Support for Direct and Deliberative Democracy in Europe: An Account of Individual-Level Determinants (219)

Special Symposium, Collective Vigilantism in Global Comparative Perspective

  • Dara Kay Cohen, Danielle F. Jung, Michael Weintraub: Introduction: Collective Vigilantism in Global Comparative Perspective (239)
  • Anna Wilke: Gender Gaps in Support for Vigilante Violence (263)
  • Sana Jaffrey: Mechanics of Impunity: Vigilantism and State-Building in Indonesia (287)
  • Enzo Nussio, Govinda Clayton: A Wave of Lynching: Morality and Authority in Post-Tsunami Aceh (313)
  • Eduardo Moncada: The Political Economy of Collective Vigilantism: Comparative Evidence from Mexico (337)
  • Melissa Nobles: Research Note, Building a New Digital Archive: Documenting Anti-Black Violence in the “Jim Crow” U.S. South, 1930–1954 (359)
  • Abstracts (373)


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