Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2022/8


  • Luka Lightfoot, James Clarke, Natalie Butchart: I would if I could, but I can’t: the impact of sanctions on finance party interactions in typical debt-financing transactions (511)


  • Matteo Clarkson-Maciel, Paul Fradley: The Excluded Asset Gap: why floating charges capture realisations of unsecured assets (515)
  • Charlotte Eborall, Sarah Parker: Bragging rights: termination clauses and implied duties of good faith (518)
  • Peter de Verneuil Smith, Shail Patel, William Harman: UK securities fraud litigation gains momentum: Autonomy and G4S (521)
  • Stephan Smoktunowicz: Legal conundrums: taking security from English limited partnerships (524)
  • Hin Liu, Louise Gullifer: Financial collateral arrangements in the digital asset world (527)
  • Hanif Virji: Musk v Twitter, it’s not just lawyers who have an opinion on the likelihood of success of the litigation, the market does too! (536)
  • Amy Held: Cryptoassets as property under English Law: surveying the present lie of the land (538)
  • Daniel May, Ceri Morgan, Nick May, Susannah Cogman, Minolee Shah: Russian sovereign debt default: a disputes perspective (543)
  • John Lee: The endgame: issues in enforcement against cryptoassets (545)
  • Phoebus L Athanassiou: Financial sanctions and the case for digital central bank money (549)
  • Chris Wallace: Take-off for digital bonds? The EU DLT pilot regime (553)
  • Michael Huertas: Supervisory tone sharpens further following ECB’s conclusions on its Desk Mapping Review (556)

In Practice

  • Sanjev Warna-kula-suriya, Mathilde Deschanet: The Draft RTS on ESG disclosures for STS securitisations: a hit or a miss? (559)
  • Fiona Henderson, Laura Collins:Embedded finance: key considerations for funders of platform borrowers (560)
  • Sohail Ali, Suhail Mayor: The “crypto crash”: a catalyst for further crypto litigation? (561)


  • Book Review by Charles Ho Wang Mak (562)
  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court and Latham & Watkins (563)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (568)
  • Market Movements by CMS (573)
  • Deals (575)
  • Legal Ease with LexisPSL (576)