Common Market Law Review 2021/6


  • Clear and present danger: Poland, the rule of law & primacy (1635)
  • Raphaele Xenidis: The polysemy of anti-discrimination law: The interpretation architecture of the Framework Employment Directive at the Court of Justice (1649)
  • Eleanor Spaventa: Constitutional creativity or constitutional deception? Acts of the Member States acting collectively and juridiction of the Court of Justice (1697)
  • Peter Van Elsuwege: Judicial review and the Common Foreign and Security Policy: Limits ot the gap-filling role of the Court of Justice (1731)
  • Urska Sadl: Old is new: The transformative effect of references to settled case law in the deciesions fof the European Court of Justice (1761)
  • Martha Caziero, Ivan Lazarov: The substantive scope of the Anti-Tax-Avoidance Directive: The remaining leeway for national tax sovereignity (1789)

Case law

  • A. Court of Justice
  • L. Tsourdi: Relocation blues – Refugee protection backsliding, division of competences, and the purpose of infringement proceedings: Commission v. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic (1819)
  • G. C. Leonelli: Balancing public health and environmental protection and economic stakes? Bayer Cropscience and the Court’s defence of EU socially acceptable risk approach (1845)
  • E. Rosati: Linking and copyright in the shadde of VG Bild-Kunst (1875)
  • G. Butler: Immunities of national central banks in Member States under EU law: Commission v. Slovenia (ECB Archives) (1895)
  • Book reviews (1917)
  • Index (I-XVIII)