Human Rights Quarterly 2020/1


  • Payam Akhavan, Sareta Ashraph, Barzan Barzani, David Matyas: What Justice for the Yazidi Genocide?: Voices from Below (1)
  • Sandra Liebenberg: The Emerging Jurisprudence of the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Under the Optional Protocol (48)
  • Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat: Economic Rights and Justice in the Qur’an (85)
  • Karen Zivi: Hiding in Public or Going with the Flow: Human Rights, Human Dignity, and the Movement for Menstrual Equity (119)
  • Nicola Jägers: Sustainable Development Goals and the Business and Human Rights Discourse: Ships Passing in the Night? (145)
  • Charles P. Henry: Celebrity as a Political Resource: The Human Rights Now! Campaign (174)
  • A. Kayum Ahmed, J. Paul Martin, Sameera Uddin: Human Rights Education 1995–2017: Wrestling with Ideology, Universality, and Agency (195)
  • István Lakatos: Implementing Universal Human Rights Standards in and by Sub-Saharan African States in the Shade of Local Traditions (217)

Book Reviews

  • Jamie Mayerfeld: Torture: An Expert’s Confrontation with an Everyday Evil (Roger Kaminker trans.), by Manfred Nowak (254)
  • Crystal Parikh: The Novel of Human Rights by James Dawes (258)
  • Dustin N. Sharp: Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century, by Kathryn Sikkink (262)
  • Keeley Gogul: Human Rights Transformation in Practice (University of Pennsylvania Press, Tine Destrooper & Sally Engle Merry, eds. (266)
  • Leigh Goodmark: The More the Context Changes, The More Things Stay the Same (280)
  • John Quigley: Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine by Noura Erakat (287)
  • David Hawk: North Korean Human Rights: Activists and Networks (Andrew Yeo & Danielle Chubb eds.) (290)
  • Contributors (299)