Comparative Politics 2024/3 (Vol. 56.)

  • Pearce Edwards: Religious Leaders and Resistance to Repression: The Bishops Opposed to Argentina’s Dirty War (269)
  • Mariana Giusti-Rodríguez: Shaping Ethnoracial Identities: State-Society Relations and Programmatic Differentiation in the Andes (295)
  • Calla Hummel, V. Ximena Velasco-Guachalla: Activists, Parties, and the Expansion of Trans Rights in Bolivia (321)
  • Merete Bech Seeberg, Michael Wahman: How Does Primary Election Manipulation Affect the Selection of Women Candidates? Evidence from Malawi (345)
  • Eleanor Knott: Ethnonationalism or a Financial-Criminal Incentive Structure? Explaining Elite Support in Crimea for Russia’s Annexation (367)
  • Elissa Berwick: Beyond Secession: Substate Nationalism and Support for Redistribution in Spain (395)
  • Abstracts (419)


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