Comparative Politics 2023/3 (Vol. 55.)

  • Mark I. Vail, Sara Watson, Daniel Driscoll: Representation and Displacement: Labor Disembedding and Contested Neoliberalism in France (377)
  • Mart Trasberg: Informal Institutions and Community Development Protests: Evidence from Sub-Municipal Localities in Mexico (401)
  • Helen Rabello Kras: Rearranging the News Agenda: State Action and News Media Reporting on Violence against Women in Brazil (425)
  • Rachael McLellan: Delivering the Vote: Community Politicians and the Credibility of Punishment Regimes in Electoral Autocracies (449)
  • Jason Y. Wu, Tianguang Meng: The Nature of Ideology in Urban China (473)
  • Safia Abukar Farole: Local Electoral Institutions and the Dynamic Motivations of Ethnic Party Candidate Nominations in South Africa (497)
  • Abstracts (521)


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