Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies 2023/2

  • Mohammad Alipour: The competence of the Security Council over situations or disputes arising from human rights violations by a state under Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter (135)
  • Éva Boda-Balogh: Case-based reasoning as a measure of constitutional adjudication. Remarks on the jurisprudence of the Hungarian Constitutional Court in defamation cases (163)
  • Simone Gianello, Paolo Zicchittu: Constitutional interpretation and populism: A comparison between Italy and Hungary (180)
  • János Kálmán: Decisions with general scope in the light of special sectoral regulations in the Hungarian administrative system (220)
  • Noémi Nagy: “Humanity’s new frontier”: Human rights implications of artificial intelligence and new technologies (236)
  • Patrik Provazník: Values on the horizon: Did the loss of innocence of conflict of laws change the relationship to the foreign? (268)
  • Jan Stajnko, Daniel Siter, Luka Martin Tomažič: Discrimination, freedom of expression and two concepts of liberty: Assessing European legislation criminalizing hate speech (288)
  • Katalin Szoboszlai-Kiss, Gábor Andrási: The best of two worlds: Multidisciplinary co-teaching of legal ethics (308)


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