Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2024/4


  • John Jarvis, Gretel Scott: Legal assingnments: what does „under the hand of the assignor” mean for companies? (219)


  • Jonathan Hardman: Moveable Transactions Reform in Scotland: acquiescence and the perils of over-pledging (223)
  • Peter Hayes: Drop downs and up-tiers in English law loan documentation (226)
  • Raza Naeem, Teodora Paneva: UK SDR: setting the ESG blueprint for the world? (230)
  • Dan Harris: From PSG’s strip to the Gaza Strip: critical issues for those managing Qatar’s money after 7 October (233)
  • Hugh Sims, Anna Lintner: Reliance revisited: is „conscious awareness” a requirement of reliance/ inducement in all misinterpretation cases, or a bridge too far? (236)
  • Lucy Aconley, Luke Sampson: Distressed insurers: recent insolvency reforms and future resolution framework (241)
  • Jo Windsor: Part 26A Restructuring Plans: how significant is the Court of Appeal’s judgement in Adler? (246)
  • Emma Bullen: Limited Liability Partnerships and enforcing security over a member’s interest (249)
  • Hin Liu: Transferring legal title to a digital asset: shared and limited control arrangements (Part 2) (251)
  • James MacDonald: Covid, aircraft financing nad the duty to mitigate (260)
  • Zoe O’Sullivan: Welcome clarification from the DIFC Court on the amendmenst to the UAE Federal Banking Law (262)
  • Kate Ollerenshaw: Retained EU law: a tale of two statues (264)
  • Annabel Smith, Zoe Jensen: Availability of costs for individuals who successfully challange an FCA decision against them (267)
  • Pablo Iglesias-Rodriguez: Gatekeeper liability in Spain after Gowex (270)

In Practice

  • Alex Smith: Biodiversity finance: becoming second nature (275)
  • Alex Martin, Dan Marcus: European middle market CLOs could rise in 2024: despite some challanges (277)
  • Kate Patane: Lat but not least: consultation involvement key to avoiding regulatory divergence in public and private securitisations (278)


  • Case Analysis by 3 Verulam Buildings (280)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (283)
  • Market Movements by CMS (287)
  • Deals (289)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis+® UK (290)
  • International Briefing from the Netherlands (291)