Political Studies 2021/4

  • Clayton Chin: Just What Is Ontological Political Theory Meant to do? The Method and Practice of William E. Connolly (771)
  • Robin Devroe: Stereotypes, Who to Blame? Exploring Individual-Level Determinants of Flemish Voters’ Political Gender Stereotypes (791)
  • Deborah Kalte: Political Veganism: An Empirical Analysis of Vegans’ Motives, Aims, and
    Political Engagement (814)
  • Yingnan Joseph Zhou: Is China a Deviant Case? A Societal-Level Test of the Modernization Theory (834)
  • Viktor Orri Valgarðsson, Nick Clarke, Will Jennings, Gerry Stoker: The Good Politician and Political Trust: An Authenticity Gap in British Politics? (858)
  • Bram Wauters, Anna Kern: Does It Pay Off? The Effects of Party Leadership Elections on Parties’ Trustworthiness and Appeal to Voters (881)
  • Heiko Giebler, Magdalena Hirsch, Benjamin Schürmann, Susanne Veit: Discontent With What? Linking Self-Centered and Society-Centered Discontent to Populist Party Support (900)
  • Sung Min Han, Kangwook Han: Political Leaders, Economic Hardship, and Redistribution in Democracies: Impact of Political Leaders on Welfare Policy (921)
  • David Maher, Moritz Pieper: Russian Intervention in Syria: Exploring the Nexus between Regime Consolidation and Energy Transnationalisation (944)
  • Michael Kenny, Jack Sheldon: When Planets Collide: The British Conservative Party and the Discordant Goals of Delivering Brexit and Preserving the Domestic Union, 2016–2019 (965)
  • Carlo V Fiorio, Simon Mohun, Roberto Veneziani: Class, Power and the Structural Dependence Thesis: Distributive Conflict in the UK, 1892–2018 (985)
  • Omer Solodoch: Do Sociotropic Concerns Mask Prejudice? Experimental Evidence on the Sources of Public Opposition to Immigration (1009)
  • Luke Yates: Prefigurative Politics and Social Movement Strategy: The Roles of Prefiguration in the Reproduction, Mobilisation and Coordination of Movements (1033)
  • Hugo Marcos-Marne: A Tale of Populism? The Determinants of Voting for Left-Wing Populist Parties in Spain (1053)