Comparative Politics 2022/1 (vol. 55)


  • Jamie L. Shenk: Consultations and Competing Claims: Implementing Participatory Institutions in Colombia’s Extractives Industries (1)
  • Thomas R. Vargas: Decentralization as a Political Weapon: Education Politics in El Salvador and Paraguay (23)
  • Ursula Daxecker, Hanne Fjelde: Electoral Violence, Partisan Identity, and Perceptions of Election Quality: A Survey Experiment in West Bengal, India (47)
  • Allison D. Evans: Privatization and Judicialization in Resource Extraction: Comparing Labor Militancy in the Oil Fields of Russia and Kazakhstan (71)
  • Michael Wahman, Merete Bech Seeberg: Paying to Play: How Parliamentary Candidates Fund Ruling Party Campaigns in Malawi (95)
  • Killian Clarke, Manfred Elfstrom: Power on the Margins: Lumpenproletarian Resistance in China and Egypt (119)
  • Lasse Aaskoven: The Political Effects of Wealth Inequality: Evidence from a Danish Land Reform (143)
  • Adam Ziegfeld: Varieties of Electoral Dominance (165)
  • Abstracts (189)