Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies 2021/4

  • Tamás Molnár: The impact of ECtHR case-law on the CJEU’s interpreting of the EU’s return acquis: More than it first seems? (257)
  • Lukáš Novotný: Legal aspects of the prohibition of wild animal circus training: Evidence from the Czech Republic (281)
  • Gergely Csurgai-Horváth: Is it unlawful to favour oneself? (297)
  • András Hárs: AI and international law – Legal personality and avenues for regulation (320)


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Review of Central and East European Law 2021/3-4


  • Attila Vincze: Shaping Presidential Powers in Hungary: Convention, Tradition and Informal Constitutional Amendments (307)
  • Robert Grzeszczak, Joanna Mazur: Regulating without Regulation? Regulating without the Sovereign? The Good Governance Concept versus Automated Decision-Making in Poland in the Light of European Union Law (321)
  • Bartosz Ziemblicki, Mateusz Lewandowski: The Legal Consequences of Unfair Contract Terms in Consumer Loan Agreements Valorized with Foreign Currency. Considerations with Respect to the Judgment of the cjeu in the Dziubak Case (C-260/18) (346)
  • Marián Sekerák, Lukáš Novotný: Legislation on Same-Sex Partnerships in the Post-Communist Area: Case Study of the Czech Republic (374)
  • Valentin Johannes Schatz: The Status of Crimea and the Sea of Azov as a Jurisdictional Hurdle in Ukraine v. Russia (400)
  • Caroline von Gall: The Concept of the ‘Living Constitution’ in Russian Constitutional Theory and Practice (416)

Review Essay

  • Sergei Akopov: Ideological Concepts in ‘Formalism, Decisionism and Conservatism in Russian Law’ (2021) by Mikhail Antonov (447)
  • Contents (465)

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