Comparative Politics 2023/1 (vol. 56.)

  • Laia Balcells, Lesley-Ann Daniels, Alexander Kuo: The “Weight” of Territorial Issues: Evidence from Catalonia, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (1)
  • Fabio Resmini: Will the Revolution Be Televised? Party Organization, Media Activism, and the Communication Strategies of Left-Wing Governments in Latin America (23)
  • Heather-Leigh K. Ba, Sheena Chestnut Greitens, Yu Bin Kim: Authoritarian Audiences: Theory and Evidence for Subnational Propaganda Targeting in North Korea (49)
  • Charles Hankla, Felix Rioja, Neven Valev: The Political Economy of “Green” Regulation: Evidence from Fuel Price Markets (73)
  • Samantha A. Vortherms: Dividing the People: The Authoritarian Bargain, Development, and Authoritarian Citizenship (95)
  • Abstracts (121)


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