The University of Chicago Law Review 2021/7


  • Fred R. Shapiro: The Most-Cited Legal Scholars Revisited (1595)
  • John T. Cross: Lessons to be Learned from Peter Yu (1619)
  • Adam Davidson: Guido Calabresi’s „Other Justice Reasons” (1625)
  • Michele Goodwin: Reading Erwin Chemerinsky (16339
  • Joanna L. Grossman: The Problem of Gender Inequity: the Legacy of Deborah Rhode (1643)
  • Nicole Huberfeld: A Cross-Cutting Public Law Scholar for the Ages (1651)
  • Aziz Z. Huq: As Brown has Waned (1659)
  • Woodrow Hartzog: What is Privacy? That’s the Wrong Question (1677)
  • Kobi Kastiel: Lucian Bebchuk and the Study of Corporate Governance (1689)
  • Jayanth K. Krishnan: A Pioneer of the Law and Society Movement: One Eyewitness’s Reflections (1715)
  • Jonathan S. Masur: The Scholare as Coauthor (1725)
  • Joshua Matz: Tribe’s Trajectory & LGBTQ Rights (1733)
  • Gregory S. Parks: Jeffrey Rachlinsk: Man, Myth, Legend (1757)
  • Michael Posner: Applying Harold Koh’s Transnational Legal Model to Current Human Rights Challanges (1767)
  • Sonja Starr: On Prisoners, Politics, and the Administration of Criminal Justice: Professor Rachel Barkow (1775)

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