Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2024/2


  • Jonathan Haines: Rethinking rights of use as an English law concept after Brexit (75)


  • Stuart Brinkworth: Liquidity covenants to the fore (80)
  • Nik Yeo: Byers v Saudi National Bank: bona fide purchase, knowing receipt and crypto litigation (83)
  • Paul Cluley: The Bankruptcy Event of Default under ISDA: Part 1 (86)
  • Katie Hoyle, Toby Mann: LMA €STR fallbacks to EURIBOR: use in corporate lending transactions (91)
  • Luke Broadway: Undisclosed agency: characterisation and conflict of laws (93)
  • Simon Mills, Louis Granjouan:Boilerplate terms restricting freedoms in composite transactions: some traps for the unwary (97)
  • Sonya Branch, Jeff Ward: The Nine Cloud Dream: an introduction to the UK’s new oversight regime for critical third parties (100)
  • Sarah Garvey: Hague 2019: extending the lifespan of asymmetric jurisdiction clauses? (104)
  • James Morgan, Zachary Kell: “Trust, not distrust”: can Quincecare apply to cryptocurrency transactions on exchanges? (108)
  • Mark McGuire: Risk retention in securitisations: if not the original lender, who else? (111)
  • Diego Ballon Ossio, Meera Ragha: Unlocking the predictive power of AI in the investment management industry (114)
  • Wojtek Buczynski: Change is the only constant: how to avoid static regulation in the age of AI and other emerging technologies (117)
  • Julian Roberts: Regulating financial innovation: starting from scratch (120)
  • Phoebus L. Athanassiou: Central Bank Digital Currencies, anonymity and privacy: squaring the circle (124)

In Practice

  • Dominic Stuttaford: International financing structures: increased focus on withholding tax (127)
  • Leontia McArdle, Rachel Tookey, Stewart Plant: De-banking: what next for payment service providers? (128)
  • Hywel Jenkins, Clive Cunningham, Cat Dankos: More than meets the eye: a new UK regime for critical third parties: what does it mean for regulated firms? (129)


  • Jo Braithwaite: Book Review (131)
  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court (Frischmann/ LLC Eurochem) (132)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (135)
  • Market Movements by CMS (139)
  • Deals (141)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis+® UK (142)
  • International Briefings from Finland (143)

Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2022/5


  • Thomas F. Huertas: Are sanctions sustainable? (295)


  • Philip Wood: Russia and Ukraine: the end of Article VIII 2b? (297)
  • Jamie McDougall, Shan Qureshi, Ben Kovacka, Shweta Rao: Intralot’s drop-down restructuring games: priming pari passu noteholders, circumventing non-consenters and artificially reducing asset values (299)
  • David McIlroy, Ruhi Sethi-Smith: Bankers’ liability for Authorised Push Payment fraud: the evolution of the Quincecare duty (304)
  • Tim Calland: The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022: what does it mean for landlords and their funders? (307)
  • Jonathan Haines: Sanctions test illegality clauses in financial contracts (311)
  • Riz Mokal: Does the liquidator have a duty to deal with trust assets? (313)
  • Jeremiah Wagner, Dan Marcus: Fund finance: the regulatory requirements applicable to securitisations in the EU and UK (319)
  • Christopher Bond: Another roll of the dice: the elusive line between hedging and speculation (323)
  • Hin Liu: Transfers of equitable interests in the digital asset world (325)
  • David Murphy: Saying how versus saying what: the choice of regulatory style in margin policy (335)
  • Chris Wallace: Inside the machine: the European Commission’s proposed consolidated tape for bonds (337)
  • Nakul Dewan: Regulating cryptocurrency by policing advertisements: the approach in the UK, Singapore, India and Spain (340)
  • Richard Calnan: Interpreting statutes and contracts: what are the differences? Part II (344)

In Practice

  • Thomas C. Miller, Aidan E. Lawes: Is it time to review your “standard” increased costs clauses in facility documentation? (347)
  • Ben Thompson: Core-plus infrastructure and leveraged financing: the continued convergence of terms (350)
  • Hugh Evans, Claire Clayton-Stead: The Quincecare duty: 30 years on (352)
  • Book Review by Ross Cranston (353)
  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court and Baker McKenzie (354)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (360)
  • Market Movements by CMS (365)
  • Deals (367)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis®PSL (368)