Common Market Law Review 2021/5

  • Editorial Comments: The European Climate Law: Making The Social Market Economy Fit For 55? (1321)
  • Pekka Pohjankoski: Rule of law with leverage: Policing structural obligations in EU law with the infringement procedure, fines, and set-off (1341)
  • Beate Gsell: The new European Directive on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers – A huge, but blurry step forward (1365)
  • Lisa Waddington, Mark Bell: Similar, yet different: The Work-life Balance Directive and the expanding frontiers of EU non-discrimination law (1401)

A. Court of Justice

  • Iain Cameron: Metadata retention and national security: Privacy International and La Quadrature du Net (1433)
  • Enzo Cannizzaro: Inter-Member State international law in the EU legal order: Some thoughts on Slovenia v. Croatia (1473)
  • Leigh Hancher: Euratom, State aid and environmental protection: Hinkley Point (1491)
  • Ole-Andreas Rognstad: Performing artists’ right to remuneration – on the junction of external treaty competence, national treatment, material reciprocity and fundamental rights: RAAP (1523)
  • Perrine Dumas: Strengthening the procedural rights of visa applicants by extending the integration of national administrative and judicial systems: R.N.N.S. and K.A. (1547)
  • Wolfgang Wurmnest: Plotting the boundary between contract and tort jurisdiction in private actions against abuses of dominance: Wikingerhof v. Booking (1571)
  • Alice Welsh: A genuine chance of free movement? Clarifying the “reasonable period of time” and residence conditions for jobseekers in G.M.A. (1591)
  • Book reviews (1613)