Comparative Politics 2022/3 (vol. 54)


  • Andrés Schipani: Left Behind: Labor Unions and Redistributive Policy under the Brazilian Workers’ Party (405)
  • Vincent Mauro: Party Systems and Redistribution in Democratic Latin America (429)
  • Dina Bishara, Sharan Grewal: Political, Not Partisan: The Tunisian General Labor Union under Democracy (453)
  • Meg Rithmire: Going Out or Opting Out? Capital, Political Vulnerability, and the State in China’s Outward Investment (477)
  • Elizabeth Plantan: Not All NGOs Are Treated Equal: Selectivity in Civil Society in China and Russia (501)
  • David Siroky, Emil Souleimanov, Jean-François Ratelle, Milos Popovic: Purifying the Religion: An Analysis of Haram Targeting among Salafi Jihadi Groups (525)
  • Burcu Pinar Alakoc, Gulay Ugur Goksel, Alan Zarychta: Political Discourse and Public Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey (547)

Review Article

  • Philip A. Martin, Andrew Cesare Miller: Ethnicity and Violence in Weak States: Understanding the Mechanisms (573)
  • Abstracts (591)