Industrial Law Journal 2021/3


  • Louise Merrett: International Employment Cases Post-Brexit: Choice of Law, Territorial Scope, Jurisdiction and Enforcement (343)
  • Mark Harcourt, Gregor Gall, Nisha Novell, Margaret Wilson: Boosting Union Membership: Reconciling Liberal and Social Democratic Conceptions of Freedom of Association via a Union Default (375)
  • Eleanor Kirk: Legal Consciousness and the Sociology of Labour Law (405)
  • Zoe Adams: Labour Law, Capitalism and the Juridical Form: Taking a Critical Approach to Questions of Labour Law Reform (434)

Recent Cases

  • Catherine Hobby: Workers’ Rights: A Public Health Issue: R (on the application of The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) v The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (467)
  • Tonia Novitz: Protection of Trade Union Activities or Managerial Prerogative? Trouble with Email Lists in University College London v Brown (492)