Public Administration Review 2021/3 May/June


  • Celebrating 81 years (359)
  • American Society for Public Administration Code of Ethics (360)
  • Jeremy L. Hall: Dollars and Sense: Tax, Spend, and Satisfice (361)

Research Articles

  • Bruce D. McDonald III, J. W. Decker, Brad A. M. Johnson: You Don’t Always Get What You Want: The Effect of Financial Incentives on State Fiscal Health (365)
  • Seeun Ryu, Inyoung Cho, Jiseul Kim: Does the Stringency of State Tax and Expenditure Limitations Discourage Political Manipulation in Fiscal Reserves? (375)
  • Mildred E. Warner, Austin M. Aldag, Yunji Kim: Pragmatic Municipalism: U.S. Local Government Responses to Fiscal Stress (389)
  • Wenchi Wei, J. S. Butler: State Fiscal Constraints and Local Responses: Evidence from the Property Tax Limit Overrides in Massachusetts (399)
  • Spencer T. Brien, Robert J. Eger III, David S. T. Matkin: The Timing of Managerial Responses to Fiscal Stress (414)
  • Carolyn Abott, Akheil Singla: Helping or Hurting? The Efficacy of Municipal Bankruptcy (428)
  • Min Su: Discretion in Traffic Stops: The Influence of Budget Cuts on Traffic Citations (446)
  • Jeremy L. Hall, David Z. Kanaan: State Tax Policy, Municipal Choice, and Local Economic Development Outcomes: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Performance Assessment (459)
  • Lang (Kate) Yang: Auditor or Adviser? Auditor (In)Dependence and Its Impact on Financial Management (475)
  • Eric J. Brunner, Mark D. Robbins, Bill Simonsen: Property Tax Information and Support for School Bond Referenda: Experimental Evidence (488)
  • Jinhai Yu, Edward T. Jennings Jr.: Politics, Competence, and Performance: Evidence from the US State Budget Agencies (500)
  • Frankline Muthomi, Kurt Thurmaier: Participatory Transparency in Kenya: Toward an Engaged Budgeting Model of Local Governance (519)
  • Alasdair C. Rutherford, Diarmuid McDonnell, Eddy Hogg: Incentivizing Regulatory Participation: Effectiveness of a Fundraising Levy (532)
  • Young Joo Park, David S.T. Matkin: The Demise of the Overhead Myth: Administrative Capacity and Financial Sustainability in Nonprofit Nursing Homes (543)

Viewpoint Articles

  • Jason Webb Yackee, Susan Webb Yackee: The American State Administrators Project: A New 50-State, 50-Year Data Resource for Scholars (558)
  • Faisal Ali Baig, Xu Han, Zahid Hasnain, Daniel Rogger: Introducing the Worldwide Bureaucracy Indicators: A New Global Dataset on Public Sector Employment and Compensation (564)

Book Reviews

  • Kellie Coff: Edited by , Lindgreen, Adam, Koenig-Lewis, Nicole, Kitchener, Martin, Brewer, John D., Moore, Mark H, and  Meynhardt, Timo,  Public Value: Deepening, Enriching, and Broadening the Theory and Practice ( London and New York:  Routledge,  2019). 378 pp. $94.99 (hardback), ISBN 9781138059665 (572)
  • Galia Cohen, Jennifer Alexander: Momen, Mehnaaz,  2017. The Paradox of Citizenship in American Politics: Ideals and Reality 1–265. London: Palgrave MacMillan. (573)
  • David Oliver Kasdan: Bowen, William M. and  Gleeson, Robert E., The Evolution of Human Settlements: From Pleistocene Origins to Anthropocene Prospects ( Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, 309pp.). $89.99 (Hard Cover), ISBN 978-3-319-95033-4 (576)

Issue Information – Information for Contributors

  • Information for Contributors (579)

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