Magyar Filozófiai Szemle 2023/2

  • László Bernát, Dániel Kodaj: Teleology: Old Wine in New Skins (5)


  • Michael Ruse: Darwin and Design (7)
  • Gergely Kertész: On the Status of Teleological Discourse. A Confusing Fiction or a Description of Reality? (43)
  • Erik Åkerlund: Models of Finality: Aristotle, Buridian, and Averroes (67)
  • Gyula Klima: Teleology, Intentionality, Naturalism (86)
  • Dániel Kodaj: The Metaphysics of Spooky Teleology (100)
  • Mohsen Moghri: An Axiological Ultimate Explanation for Existence (118)
  • László Bernáth: The Aporia of Categorical Obligations and an Agustininan Teleological Way Out of It (139)
  • Ferenc Huoranszki: Intentional Actions and Final Causes (152)


  • Ayumu Tamura: The Role of Experience in Descartes’ Metaphysics. Analyzing the Difference Between Intuitus, Intelligentia, and Experientia (179)
  • Attila Hangai: What is Rational Recontstruction in the History of Philosophy? A Reply to Live Reconstructivists (196)
  • Contributors (211)
  • Summaries (213)