Szociológiai Szemle 2021/3

Review of Sociology of the Hungarian Sociological Association

  • Judit Durst, Zsanna Nyírő: Introduction. Cultural migrants? The consequences of educational mobility and changing social class among first-in-family graduates in Hungary (4)
  • Zsanna Nyírő, Judit Durst: Racialisation rules: The effect of educational upward mobility on habitus (21)
  • Fanni Dés: Costs of social mobility in the context of intimate partner relationships. “It is really easy to be angry at someone who is in front of me and not at the system, which produces the inequalities between us” (51)
  • Julianna Boros, Péter Bogdán, Judit Durst: Accumulating Roma cultural capital:
    First-in-family graduates and the role of educational talent support programs in Hungary in mitigating the price of social mobility (74)
  • Bálint Ábel Bereményi, Judit Durst: Meaning making and resilience among academically high-achieving Roma women (103)
  • Attila Papp Z. , Csilla Zsigmond: Educational mobility of Hungarian firstand multi generational young intellectuals in four countries (132)

  • Zsuzsanna Árendás: Mobility haunted by class? Book review: Stepping Into the Elite: Trajectories of Social Achievement in India, France, and the United States by Jules Naudet. Oxford University Press, 2018 (158)
  • Zsuzsanna Sütő: From admission to inclusion: Book review: The Privileged Poor: How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students by Anthony Abraham Jack. Harvard University Press, 2019 (162)

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