Human Rights Quarterly 2024/2


  • Payam Akhavan, Rebecca J. Hamilton, Antonia Mulvey: „What Kind of Court Is This?”: Perceptions of International Justice Among Rohingya Refugees (173)
  • Alexandra Byrne, Bilen Zerie, Kelebogile Zvobgo: Producing Truth: Public Memory Projects in Post-Violence Societies (207)
  • Rebecca Hamlin, Jamie Rowen, Luz Maria Sanchez: The Paradox of Diasporic Peacebuilding Amidst Violence: Providing Reparations to Colombians Abroad (234)
  • Skip Mark, Mikhail Filippov, David Cingranelli: Cirights: Quantifying Respect for All Human Rights (264)
  • Dominic McGoldrick: Freedom of Speech and Academic Freedom in Higher Education in England (287)
  • Sigrun I. Skogly: Prevention is Better than a Cure: The Obligation to Prevent Human Rights Violations (330)

Book Reviews

  • David P. Forsythe: The Geopolitics of Shaming: When Human Rights Pressure Works—and When it Backfires by Rochelle Terman (371)
  • Barbara Havelková: Exponential Inequalities: Equality Law in Times of Crisis ed. by Shreya Atrey & Sandra Fredman (review) (373)
  • John Quigley: The Khmer Rouge Tribunal: Power, Politics, and Resistance in Transitional Justice by Julie Bernath (review) (375)
  • Contributors (380)


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