The University of Chicago Law Review 2021/6


  • John F. Duffy, Richard M. Hynes: Asymmetric Subsidies and the Bail Crisis (1285)
  • Lev Menand, Morgan Ricks: Federal Corporate Law and the Business of Banking (1361)


  • Sam Capparelli: In Search of Ordinary Meaning: What Can Be Learned form the Textualist Opinions of Bostock v. Clayton County? (1419)
  • Stephen Ferro: It’s All About (Re)location: Interpreting the Federal Sentencing Enhancement for Relocation a Fraudulent Scheme (1465)
  • Conley K. Hurst: The Scope of Evidentiarty Review in Constitutional Challanges to Agency Action (1511)
  • Candice Yandam Riviere: The Legal Causes of Labor Market Powe in the U.S. Agriculture Sector (1555)

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