Common Market Law Review 2021/1

  • Editorial comments: Sour lessons from the Union’s first encounters with the UK as a “free and sovereign country” (1)


  • Nicolas Rennuy: Shopping for social security law in the EU (13)
  • Francesco Pennesi: Equivalence in the area of financial services: An effective instrument to protect EU financial stability in global capital markets? (39)
  • Tamás Szabados: Constitutional identity and judicial cooperation in civil matters in the European Union – An ace up the sleeve? (71)
  • Ljupcho Grozdanovski: In search of effectiveness and fairness in proving algorithmic discrimination in EU law (99)
  • Laurent Pech: A. Court of Justice Protecting Polish judges from Poland’s Disciplinary “Star Chamber”: Commission v. Poland (Interim proceedings) (137)
  • Roberto Caranta: Knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Standing for non-privileged applicants after Montessori (163)
  • Francesco de Cecco: Minimum harmonization and the limits of Union fundamental rights review: TSN and AKT (187)
  • Sabine Mair: Why less is not always more: Mother’s pensions and parenthood in WA (201)

  • Book reviews (223)
  • Survey of Literature (243)

Common Market Law Review 2019/6

  • Editorial Comments: Brexit into extra time … again (1447)


  • Michael Dougan: Primacy and the remedy of disapplication (p. 1459)
  • Merijn Chamon: A constitutional twilight zone: EU decentralized agencies’ external relations (1509)
  • Nicolas Rennuy: The trilemma of EU social benefits law: Seeing the wood and the trees (1549)
  • Marco Bronckers, Giovanni Gruni: Taking the enforcement of labour standards in the EU’s free trade agreements seriously (1591)
  • Ceciel Nieuwenhout, Jaap Waverijn: Swimming in ECJ case law: The rocky journey to EU law applicability in the continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone (1623)

A. Court of Justice

  • Alicia Hinarejos: The Court of Justice annuls a national measure directly to protect ECB independence: Rimševics (1649)
  • Anatol Dutta: Private divorces outside Rome III and Brussels II bis? The Sahyouni gap (1661)
  • Zsófia Varga: Retrial and principles of effectiveness and equivalence in case of violation of the ECHR and of the Charter: XC, Zs (p. 1673)

B. National Courts Acte cryptique?

  • Charlotte O’Brien: Zambrano, welfare rights, and underclass citizenship in the tale of the missing preliminary reference (1697)
  • Joxerramon Bengoetxea: Review essay: A general theory of Member Statehood in the EU (1733)