Public Administration Review 2021/5 September/October

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  • Celebrating 81 years (819)
  • American Society for Public Administration Code of Ethics (820)
  • Jeremy L. Hall: A Brave New World? Confronting the Challenges of a World in Shambles (821)

Research Articles

  • Madalina Busuioc: Accountable Artificial Intelligence: Holding Algorithms to Account (825)
  • Albert Meijer, Lukas Lorenz, Martijn Wessels: Algorithmization of Bureaucratic Organizations: Using a Practice Lens to Study How Context Shapes Predictive Policing Systems (837)
  • Sean Atkins, Chappell Lawson: An Improvised Patchwork: Success and Failure in Cybersecurity Policy for Critical Infrastructure (847)
  • Sara Degli Esposti, Kirstie Ball, Sally Dibb: What’s In It For Us? Benevolence, National Security, and Digital Surveillance (862)
  • Frank K. Y. Chan, James Y. L. Thong, Susan A. Brown, Viswanath Venkatesh : Service Design and Citizen Satisfaction with E‐Government Services: A Multidimensional Perspective (874)
  • Michael D. Siciliano, Jered B. Carr, Victor G. Hugg: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Networks for Addressing Public Problems: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study (895-910)
  • Manoj K. Shrestha, Richard C. Feiock: Toward a Multiplex Network Theory of Interlocal Service Contracting (911)
  • Colin Lindsay, Sarah Pearson, Elaine Batty, Anne Marie Cullen, Will Eadson: Collaborative Innovation in Labor Market Inclusion (925)
  • Natalia Letki, Trui Steen: Social‐Psychological Context Moderates Incentives to Co‐produce: Evidence from a Large‐Scale Survey Experiment on Park Upkeep in an Urban Setting (935)
  • Scott Douglas, Chris Ansell: Getting a Grip on the Performance of Collaborations: Examining Collaborative Performance Regimes and Collaborative Performance Summits (951)
  • Junesoo Lee: When Illusion Met Illusion: How Interacting Biases Affect (Dis)trust within Coopetitive Policy Networks (962)

Viewpoint Articles

  • Philipp Trein, Robbert Biesbroek, Thomas Bolognesi, Guillermo M. Cejudo, Robert Duffy, Thurid Hustedt, Iris Meyer: Policy Coordination and Integration: A Research Agenda (973)
  • Megan Mullin: Learning from Local Government Research Partnerships in a Fragmented Political Setting (978)

Book Reviews

  • Reviewed by Ratna Okhai: Annabelle Lever and Andrei Poama, The Routledge Handbook of Ethics and Public Policy (New York, NY: Routledge, 2018). 560 pp.; $145.03 (Hardcover), ISBN: 9781138201279. (983)
  • Reviewed by Staci M. Zavattaro: Ijeoma Oluo. 2020. Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America. New York: Seal Press. 336 pp.; $28 (Hardcover). ISBN: 9781580059510 (985)

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