Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies 2020/1

Acta Juridica Hungarica

  • Eszter Bodnár: The use of comparative law in the practice of the Hungarian Constitutional Court: An empirical analysis (1990-2019) (1)
  • Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz: The reference to constitutional traditions in populist constitutionalism – The case of Hungary (23)
  • Katalin Gombos: Rules of juridiction in the new Hungarian privatte international law (52)
  • Martin Hapla: The twilight of the separation of powers: Proportionality as a method of solving institutional issues (71)
  • Attila Sipos: The liability of the air carrier for damages and the state of health of the air passenger. Accidents and diseases (COVID-19) (85)
  • Ákos Tussay: Plague discourse, quarantine and plague control in early modern England: 1578-1625 (113)
  • Nasiya Daminova: Corrigendum: Rule of law vs. Poland and Hungary – An inconsistent approach? (133)

Acta Juridica Hungarica 2019/3

János Martonyi: Law and Identity in the European Integration (227)

Nasiya Daminova: Rule of Law vs. Poland and Hungary – an Incosistent Approach? (236)

Oleksandra Kolohoida, Iryna Lukach, Valeriia Poiedynok, Anastasiia Prokopiuk: The Squeeze-out of Minority Shareholders: The Case of Ukraine (260)

Csongor Kuti: Between a rock and a hard place: Constitutional conflict cases before the Romanian Constitutional Court (281)

Katinka Beretka, Tamás Korhecz: The Agreement between Serbia and Hungary on the Protection of National Minority Rights – Revision Welcomed (296)

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