Common Market Law Review 2021/2

  • Editorial comments: Compromising (on) the general conditionality mechanism and the rule of law (267)


  • Luca Prete, Ben Smulders: The Age Of Maturity Of Infringement Proceedings (285)
  • María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco: At the crossroads of a frozen conflict: Political oversight of the Council’s administrative budget by the European Parliament (333)
  • Araceli Turmo: National res judicata in the European Union: Revisiting the tension between the temptation of effectiveness and the acknowledgement of domestic procedural law (361)
  • Guido Comparato: Financial stability in private law: Intersections, conflicts, choices (391)
  • Charlotte O’brien: Between the devil and the deep blue sea: Vulnerable EU citizens cast adrift in the UK post-Brexit (431)
  • Inge Graef: Consumer sovereignty and competition law: From personalization to diversity (471)

Case Law

A. Court of Justice

  • Marek Szydlo: How far can previous rulings or evidence determine an individual administrative decision? Glencore’s implications for decisions within the scope of EU law (505)
  • Juan Jorge Piernas López: When is a company not an undertaking under EU competition law? The contribution of the Dôvera judgment (529)
  • Christina Neier: Residence right under Article 20 TFEU not dependent on sufficient resources: Subdelegación del Gobierno en Ciudad Reals (549)
  • Dawid Miasik, Monika Szwarc: Primacy and direct effect – still together: Poplawski II (571)

  • Book reviews (591)