Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 2023/2-3

  • Patricia A. Johnston: “Returning Home in the Greek and Roman World” Symposium Classicum Peregrinum, June 10–12 and 16, 2022 Messina and Taormina (121)
  • Francisco Marco Simón: Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un bon voyage: Invoking the deities of the roads in the Latin west (125)
  • Benjamin Scolnic: The Failure of Poseidon, ‘Averter of Disaster’ and the Mythical Geography of Isaiah 23:1–14 (141)
  • Chiara Di Serio: Tales in Athenaeus of divine statues preventing or favoring journeys (153)
  • Annarita Martini Carbone: The journey of the initiate towards salvation and the trials of Mithras seen through the experience of Hercules and the protection of Mithras, Hercules, and Caelestis: labors and salvation (169)
  • Francesca Ceci, Aleksandra Krauze-Kołodziej: The journeys of Orpheus (183)
  • Attilio Mastrocinque: The face of Eurydice (203)
  • Giulia Pedrucci: Was Kore/Persephone’s journey to the afterworld as a path to infertility? (219)
  • Loredana Lancini, Francesca Diosono: Going through a lake of Darkness (233)
  • Henry John Walker: Spatial and spiritual exile in Vergil’s Aeneid (253)
  • Lorina Quartarone: Hell on earth: Penelope’s underworld journey and Nekyia (277)
  • Salvatore Costanza: The return of Jason and the recall of the exile Damophilus in Pindar’s Fourth Pythian Ode: Mythical tale and politics quarrels (301)
  • Gérard Freyburger: The impossible return home of Lucius in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses (329)
  • Nicolas L.J. Meunier: From withdrawal to return in the first decade of the Ab Vrbe condita: An example of Livian dialectic of contrasts (335)
  • Joshua Nudell: “Few of the many returned home” (349)
  • Daniel Sarefield: Impossible homecomings in the Scythian logos of Herodotus (361)
  • Elena Santagati: Peisistratus’ exiles and the strategic international network (373)
  • Luciano Traversa: Magistrates’ early returns to Rome ex provincia between the Middle Republic and the Gracchan age (385)
  • Gaius Stern: Regulus, Hannibal, and why Roman POWs can’t go home again (397)
  • Patrick Hunt: Hannibal’s hard ‘homecoming’ after 203 BCE (417)
  • Altay Coşkun: Imperial Homecoming(s) and the Ara Pacis Augustae in 13 BC (427)
  • Marie-Laure Freyburger-Galland: “Cassius Dio, A Bithynian ‘exiled’ to Rome?” (445)


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