Public Administration Review 2021/2 March/April


  • Celebrating 81 years (183)
  • American Society for Public Administration Code of Ethics (184)
  • Jeremy L. Hall: Through the Editor”s Lens: Understanding the Editorial role Through Metaphor (185)

Research Articles

  • Dominik Vogel, Fabian Homberg: P-Hacking, P-Curves, and the PSM–Performance Relationship: Is There Evidential Value? (191)
  • Eunju Rho, Sumin Han: Relative Managerial Networking and Performance: The Moderating Role of Environmental Context (205)
  • Pan Zhang: Target Interactions and Target Aspiration Level Adaptation: How Do Government Leaders Tackle the “Environment-Economy” Nexus? (220)
  • Ahmad Bayiz Ahmad, Tammo Straatmann, Karsten Mueller, Bangcheng Liu: Employees’ Change Support in the Public Sector—A Multi-Time Field Study Examining the Formation of Intentions and Behaviors (231)
  • Steven Pfaff, Charles Crabtree, Holger L. Kern, John B. Holbein: Do Street-Level Bureaucrats Discriminate Based on Religion? A Large-Scale Correspondence Experiment among American Public School Principals (244)
  • Sangmook Kim: Education and Public Service Motivation: A Longitudinal Study of High School Graduates (260)
  • Agustin Leon-Moreta, Vittoria R. Totaro: Workforce Capacity in Municipal Government (273)

Viewpoint Articles

  • Alasdair Roberts: Who Should We Count as Citizens? Categorizing People in Public Administration Research (286)
  • Gordon Abner, Bill Valdez, James L. Perry: Elevating the Case for Leadership Development Programs: Return on Investment Evaluations (291)

Guest Editorial: Global Pa Symposium

  • Zeger van der Wal, Caspar van den Berg, M. Shamsul Haque: Comparative Public Administration in a Globalized World: Moving Beyond Standard Assumptions Toward Increased Understanding (295)

Research Articles: Global Pa Symposium

  • Zachary T. Mohr, Ringa Raudla, James W. Douglas: Comparing Cost Accounting Use across European Countries: The Role of Administrative Traditions, NPM Instruments, and Fiscal Stress (299)
  • Zeger Van der Wal, Assel Mussagulova, Chung-An Chen: Path-Dependent Public Servants: Comparing the Influence of Traditions on Administrative Behavior in Developing Asia (308)
  • Sanghee Park, Jiaqi Liang: A Comparative Study of Gender Representation and Social Outcomes: The Effect of Political and Bureaucratic Representation (321)
  • Simon Porcher: Culture and the Quality of Government (333)

Viewpoint Article: Global Pa Symposium

  • M. Shamsul Haque, Zeger van der Wal, Caspar van den Berg: Comparative Studies in Public Administration: Intellectual Challenges and Alternative Perspectives (344)

Book Reviews

  • Gregg G. Van Ryzin, Galia Cohen: Aligica, Paul Dragos, , Boettke, Peter J., and , Tarko, Vlad, Public Governance and the Classical-Liberal Perspective( , New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2019). 267 pp. (349)
  • Galia Cohen, Michael W. Spicer: Green, Richard T.. Alexander Hamilton’s Public Administration( Tuscaloosa: Alabama: University of Alabama Press, 2019). 272pp, $49.95 (Cloth) ISBN 978-0-8173-2016-4 (351)

Issue Information – Information for Contributors

  • Information for Contributors (355)

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