Public Administration Review 2021/1 January/February


  • Celebrating 81 years (3)
  • American Society for Public Administration Code of Ethics (4)
  • Jeremy L. Hall: Another Changing of the Guard: Thank You, and Welcome Aboard! (5)
  • Jeremy L. Hall: Governance: Struggle and Strife—Or Synergy and Success—In the Trans-COVID Era (7)

Research Articles

  • Thorbjørn Sejr Guul, Mogens Jin Pedersen, Niels Bjørn Grund Petersen: Creaming among Caseworkers: Effects of Client Competence and Client Motivation on Caseworkers’ Willingness to Help (12)
  • Federica Fusi: When Local Governments Request Access to Data: Power and Coordination Mechanisms across Stakeholders (23)
  • Anthony M. Bertelli, Madalina Busuioc: Reputation-Sourced Authority and the Prospect of Unchecked Bureaucratic Power (38)
  • Joshua Ozymy, Bryan Menard, Melissa L. Jarrell: Persistence or Partisanship: Exploring the Relationship between Presidential Administrations and Criminal Enforcement by the US Environmental Protection Agency, 1983–2019 (49)
  • Brian Y. An, Raphael W. Bostic: What Determines Where Public Investment Goes? Regional Governance and the Role of Institutional Rules and Power 864)
  • Susan Appe, Nadia Rubaii, Kerry Whigham: Expanding the Reach of Representativeness, Discretion, and Collaboration: The Unrealized Potential of Public Administration Research in Atrocity Prevention (81)
  • Lisa Schmidthuber, Alex Ingrams, Dennis Hilgers: Government Openness and Public Trust: The Mediating Role of Democratic Capacity (91)
  • Ivan P. Lee, Sebastian Jilke, Oliver James: Do More Options Always Benefit the Users of Public Services? An Experimental Study of School Choice, Performance, and Satisfaction (110)
  • Jarle Trondal, Gjermund Haslerud, Nadja S. Kühn: The Robustness of National Agency Governance in Integrated Administrative Systems: Evidence from a large-scale study (121)
  • Suyeon Jo, Tina Nabatchi: Different Processes, Different Outcomes? Assessing the Individual-Level Impacts of Public Participation (137)
  • Donald Moynihan, Alasdair Roberts: Dysfunction by Design: Trumpism as Administrative Doctrine (152)
  • Christoph Knill, Christina Steinbacher, Yves Steinebach: Balancing Trade-Offs between Policy Responsiveness and Effectiveness: The Impact of Vertical Policy-Process Integration on Policy Accumulation (157)
  • Ines Mergel, Sukumar Ganapati, Andrew B. Whitford: Agile: A New Way of Governing (161)

Book Reviews

  • Anna Malandrino: Fritz Sager, and Patrick Overeem, eds., The European Public Servant: A Shared Administrative Identity? Colchester: ECPR Press, 2015. 326pp. Hardback £65.00, ISBN: 9781907301742 Paperback £30.00, ISBN: 9781785522338 Fritz Sager, Christian Rosser, Céline Mavrot, and Pascal Y. Hurni. A Transatlantic History of Public Administration. Analyzing the USA, Germany and France. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2018. 224 pp. Hardback £67.50, ISBN: 9781788113748 E-book €25, eISBN: 9781788113755 (166)
  • Leonard L. Lira: Joseph Kopser and Bret Boyd, Catalyst: Leadership and Strategy in a Changing World (Seattle, Washington: Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2018). 306 pp. $9.99 (eBook) ISBN 978-1-5445-1014-9; $15.99 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-5445-1015-6 (169)
  • Tom Barth: Ward, James D., Policing and Race in America: Economic, Political and Social Dynamics ( Lanham, MD:  Lexington Books,  2018).  291 pp. $42.99 (pbk.), ISBN: 978-1-4985-5093-2 (171)

Issue Information – Information for Contributors

  • Information for Contributors (175)

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