Comparative Politics 2022/4 (vol. 54)


  • Haakon Gjerløw, Magnus B. Rasmussen: Revolution, Elite Fear, and Electoral Institutions (595)
  • Henry Thomson: Authoritarian Repression and Electoral Opposition: Mobilization under Germany’s Antisocialist Law (621)
  • Diana Kapiszewski, Lauren M. MacLean, Benjamin L. Read: Dynamic Research Design: Iteration in Field-Based Inquiry (645)
  • Emily Meierding: Over a Barrel? Oil Busts and Petrostate Stability (671)
  • Jean Lachapelle: Repression Reconsidered: Bystander Effects and Legitimation in Authoritarian Regimes (695)
  • Alexander Reisenbichler: Entrenchment or Retrenchment: The Political Economy of Mortgage Debt Subsidies in the United States and Germany (717)
  • Ammar Shamaileh, Yousra Chaábane: Institutional Favoritism, Income, and Political Trust: Evidence from Jordan (741)
  • Ceren Belge, Semuhi Sinanoğlu: Containing Ethnic Conflict: Repression, Cooptation, and Identity Politics (765)
  • Abstracts (787)
  • Index to Volume 54 (791)