Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 2022/4

  • Béla Adamik: Fifth International Workshop on Computational Latin Dialectology (July 7–8, 2022, Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, Budapest, Hungary) (317)
  • Béla Adamik: The transformation of the vowel system in Gallic Latin as evidenced in inscriptions and the problem of dialectal positioning of Roman Gaul (321)
  • Serena Barchi: Some remarks on the Latin of the Didymoi ostraca (343)
  • Andrea Barta: Draco tauri pater. A new gold lamella from a private collection in Hungary (363)
  • Dóra Bohacsek: African Latin: The problem of labdacism (375)
  • Francesca Cotugno: Expressing pain from the Antiquities to the Middle Ages: Heu as a part of speech (389)
  • Dragana Kunčer: On semantic redundancy in the epigraphs of Moesia Superior (411)
  • Béla Szlovicsák: Preliminary examination of the Latin neuter on inscriptions (419)
  • Silvia Tantimonaco: Upsilon in the Latin inscriptions of Hispania (435)
  • Tünde Vágási: Did address influence whether gods answered prayers? Preliminary overview of Vulgar Latin names of deities in the Roman Empire (447)


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