Rechtstheorie 2021/2-3

  • Indrek Grauberg, Bart van Klink, Massimo La Torre: Introduction: Politics for Angry Times (143)

The Concept of Populism

  • Chantal Mouffe: Populism and Radical Democracy (153)
  • John Keane: The Pathologies of Populism (159)
  • Jean-Francois Kervegan: Populism as a Phenomenon of Dedifferenciation (175)
  • Bart van Klink: The Study of Populism – A Continuation of Politics with other Means? (187)
  • Philip Manow: The Political Economy of Populism in Europe. Hyperglobalization, Migration, Capital and Diverse Political Protest (209)

Populism as a Threat to Liberal Democracy

  • Michelle Everson: The Trouble with Liberalism: A Cautionary Tale about Populism and the Academy (227)
  • Michael A. Wilkinson: Authoritarian Liberalism and Authoritarian Populism: Opposition of Inflection (239)
  • Stephan Kirste: Populist Dualism Instead of Dialectical Unity of the Rule of Law and Democracy (257)
  • Leif Kalev: Populism and Political Renewal (273)

The Future of Populism

  • Rein Müllerson: Globalisation, the Nation-Stage and the Rise of Populism (293)
  • Massimo La Torre: Noli Me Tangere and the End of the „Long Century”: Between Empathy and Anger (311)
  • Yves Mény: The End of Populism? (323)