Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2022/11


  • Avinash Persaud: The bubbling emerging market crisis and what the world should do about it (719)


  • Ben Hubble, Saman Pourghadiri: Pension scheme’s liability driven investment strategies: what went wrong? A lawyer’s guide (721)
  • Carlo de Vito Piscicelli, Sarah Haddad: Erroneous payments in syndicated loans: the future of the „Revlon blockers” (723)
  • Andrew Thornton, Ben Shaw: The doctrine of universal succession in English law and its impact on the transfer of finance arrangements (725)
  • Amy Kennedy, Clare Cottle, Colin Kavanaugh, Rebecca Davies: The growing emergence of competitive tension in the liquidity market (729)
  • Philip Wood: What really happened in legal history (731)
  • David Sawtell:The Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act2022 and English land registration (733)
  • Matthew Parker: Claiming subrogation where a debt owed by a third party is discharged by a payment made by mistake (736)
  • Charles Kerrigan: The point of DAOs; and of crypto lawyers (739)
  • Diana Stoean, Matthew Kimber: Bind to law: Soulbound tokens and property law (744)
  • David Milne: The vexed and litigious question of „unallowable purpose” (747)
  • Lisa Curran: Law v policy: judicial review and judicial deference in the age of hyper-regulation (750)
  • Rebecca Keating: Dojima rice and digital assets: new tech, old problems? Market manipulation by cryptocurrency exchanges (755)
  • Marcin Krzemien: From Poland with no trust: protection of securities held by financial intermediaries (758)

In Practice

  • Fiona Henderson, Laura Collins: Embedded finance: market challanges and market changes (761)
  • Karen Butler, Erin Sculthorpe: Corporate climate-related disclosures: what’s next? (762)
  • Karen Anderson, Jon Ford: When AI meets the consumer duty (763)


  • Book Review by Ross Cranston (765)
  • Case Analysis by one Essex Court and Merton College (766)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (772)
  • Market Movements by CMS (775)
  • Deals (777)
  • Legal Ease by Lexis PSL (778)
  • International Briefing from China (779)