Revue Internationale de Droit Pénal 2020/1

Setting the Scene

  • Manuel Espinoza de los Monteros de la Parra, Antonio Gullo, Francesco Mazzacuva: The Criminal Law Protection of our Common Home: an Introduction to the VII AIDP Symposium for Young Penalists (9)
  • Paola Severino: The Protection of the Environment through Criminal Law. Preliminary Remarks (19)

The International Framework

  • Liemertje Julia Sieders: The Battle of Realities: the Case for and against the Inclusion of „Ecoside” in the ICC Rome Statute (29)
  • Renata Barbosa: Conflict and Environmental Harm: is there enough (Criminal) Protection in Transitional Measures? (53)
  • Edoardo Mazzanti: Environmental Rights and Criminal Protectin: the Dialogue between EU and ECHR (67)
  • Gonzalo Guerrero: Inter-american Court of Human Rights’ Advisory Opinion oc-23/17: Analysis of Safeguarded Rights in Environmental Criminal Law (85)

Environmental Protection and Criminal Law: Opportunities, Limits and Alternatives

  • Aleksandar Stevanovic: Environmental Crime: Criminological Reflections (99)
  • Luis Fernando Armendariz Ochoa: Looking forn an effective Environmental Protection: Contributions form Green Criminology and Economic Criminal Law (113)
  • Andrea Chines, Giacomo Salvanelli, Alessandra Cecca: Co2 Carbon-Trading Crime – Connection between Environmental Crime and Corruption (125)
  • Mario Iannuzziello: Sustainable Development and Precautionary Principle: what is the Role of Criminal Law? (135)

Environmental Compliance

  • Felipe Fagundes de Azevedo, Eduardo Saad-Diniz: Overcompliance, Regulatory Policies and Environmental Crime (155)
  • Rossella Sabia: Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Criminal Compliance (179)
  • Daniela Arantes Prata: Corporate Crime and Environmental Victimisation: Analysis of the Samarco Case (203)
  • Emanuele Birritteri: Exploitation of National Resources, Food Production and Corporate Criminal Liability (225)

  • John A.E. Vervaele: Post Scriptum. Criminal Justice and the Protection of the Commons (245)