Criminal Law Review 2021/11


  • Nicola Padfield: The Evolving Sentencing Code (827)


  • Richard Glover: “When we Smash Windows …” Black Blocs and Breaches of the Peace (830)
  • Laurène Soubise: Prosecuting in the Magistrates’ Courts in a Time of Austerity (847)
  • Cheryl Thomas: Ethnicity and the Fairness of Jury Trials in England and Wales 2006-2014 (860)

Cases and Comments

  • Fair Trial Ibrahim v United Kingdom (877)


  • R. v Kay (Robert); R v Joyce (Trevor) (881)


  • R. v Woodward (Robert) (884)

Proceeds of Crime

R. v Parveaz (Mohsin) (891)

Reporting Restrictions

  • R. v Markham (Stan Lucas); R. v Edwards (Kim) (895)


  • Attorney General’s Reference (R. v Burgess) (899)
  • R. v Shahadat (Zaydene) (902)
  • R. v Knights (Secretary of State for Justice intervening) (904)

Victim’s Right to Review Scheme

  • R. (on the application of D) v Director of Public Prosecutions (907)

Book Review (910)