Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2022/10


  • Suzanne Rab: Financial Services and Markets Bill: from retained EU law, to revocation and restatement (647)
  • Tom Leary: There are known unknowns: how strict is civil liability for breaches of sanctions? (651)
  • Jacqueline Cook: Understanding export controls in UK sanctions legislation relating to Russia: issues for lenders (654)
  • Duncan Sheehan: Taking security over certificated shares in private companies (658)
  • Dan Harris: Toto’s law: looking behind ESG rating agency curtains (661)
  • Peter Burgess: US distressed debt techniques and minority protection in English law (667)
  • Liam Robinson, James Warboys, Tibor Korman, Nicola Hiestermann: The Mezzanine Lenders successfully take control of The LYCRA Company (670)
  • Matthew McGhee, Maria Kennedy: Different jurisdictions’ approaches to Quincecare: England and Wales lead the expansive approach (674)
  • Etay Katz, Conor Funston, Francesco Assi, Tara Waters, Anna Delgado, Penny Chamberlain: Digital assets use cases in financial securities: are they “native”? (678)
  • Kerry Langton, Fiona Henderson, Julian Turner, James Dickie: Security over e-money and deposits with deposit aggregators: a new approach is required (682)
  • Robert Purves: Client categorisation under the FCA’s Conduct of Business Rules: what are the possible consequences of getting it wrong? (686)
  • Ian Bergson: An account of profits: when if ever in commercial banking claims? (689)
  • John Lee: Smart contracts and the limits of the “rule of code” (692)
  • Matthew Hodkin, Aiden Hepworth: Principal and main purpose tests in tax treaties: a UK tribunal approach (695)
  • Zachary Kell, Callum Reid-Hutchings: Service, lies and NFTs: litigation and the blockchain (697)

In Practice

  • Latifah Mohamed: Soaring inflation and the case for index-linked baskets (699)
  • Tom Cochran, Boin Cheong: Finding room for asset-backed financings alongside high yield and leveraged loan transactions (700)
  • Caroline Dawson, Stephanie Peacock, Julia Machin: Implementing the UK Wholesale Markets Review (701)


  • Competition Law Update by Kirlkland & Ellis LLP (705)
  • Case Analysis by 3 Verulam Buildings (707)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (711)
  • Market Movements by CMS (713)
  • Deals (715)
  • Legal Ease with LexisPSL (716)