Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2023/7


  • Dominic Gregory: Sustainable finance: perspectives on some of the difficult questions (443)
  • Jeremy Duffy, Richard Lloyd, Samantha Richardson: Documenting SLLs: a comparison of the LMA/LSTA approach to sustainability provisions (447)
  • Marcus Mander: The “purview” principle in an era of rising interest rates (450)
  • Darren Littlejohn, Jacklyn Hoffman, Alessia Saracino: Giving notice under an ISDA: lessons learned and potential new approaches (453)
  • Matthew Padian: Security reinstatement provisions: worth the paper they are written on?
  • Nick Yeo: Crypto exchanges: the basics (455)
  • Brad Pomfret: Where does Barton v Morris leave the law of unjust enrichment in relation to payment for services provided under a contract? (463)
  • Keith Rowley, Elizabeth Ovley: Are leveraged LDI strategies lawful? How the courts would construe reg 5 of the OPSRs (467)
  • Trevor Borthwick, Alexandra Wood: “Credit bidding” unsecured debt in an administration (471)
  • Camilla Macpherson: ESG investing: a growing gulf between the US and Europe? (473)
  • Clarissa Jones: Revisiting the transaction at an undervalue risk to UK covered bondholders (476)
  • Sarah Green, Matthew Kimber: Law Commission Report on Digital Assets (478)
  • Peter Dodge: Contributory negligence defences to claims against financial institutions (480)
  • Simge Aslan: Staking services in insolvency: problems of certainty and predictability (483)

In Practice

  • Matthew Hodkin: Pillar Two: the global minimum tax and its implications for financing transactions (487)
  • Joseph Wren, Nick Morgan: The initial margin “big bang”: the aftermath (488)
  • Delphine Currie, James Wilkinson, Ed Tyler: UK equity capital markets: reforming the listing regime (490)


  • Case Analysis by 3 Verulam Buildings, Selborne Chambers and 4 Stone Buildings (491)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (496)
  • Market Movements by CMS (499)
  • Deals (501)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis+®UK (502)
  • International Briefings from Spain (503)