Hungarian Journal of Legal Studies 2022/3

  • Lajos Vékás: In memoriam Attila Harmathy (1937-2022) (175)
  • Bence Kis Kelemen, Mátyás Kiss: The targeted killing of Qasem Soleimani: A case study through the lens of jus ad bellum (177)
  • Tamás Hoffmann: War or peace? – International legal issues concerning the use of force in the Russia–Ukraine conflict (206)
  • Iván Halász: The establishment of the institutional framework of comparative law in the socialist Czechoslovakia and Hungary (236)
  • Ioannis Fasoulis: Navigating the nexus between UNCLOS and the sustainable development goals: Perspectives from transitions in Norway’s ocean governance regime (258)
  • Dániel Szilágyi: Empowering consumers: Towards a broader interpretation of the vulnerable consumer concept in the European Union (279)
  • Asli Alkiș-Tümtürk: Uncertain future of transatlantic data flows: Will the United States ever achieve the ‘adequate level’ of data protection? (294)


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