Human Rights Quarterly 2022/2


  • Payam Akhavan, David Matyas: International Criminal Justice in the Context of Fragile States: The ICC Self-Referral Debate (233)
  • Niaz A. Shah: The Application of Human Rights Treaties in Dualist Muslim States: The Practice of Pakistan (257)
  • Boyd van Dijk: Gendering the Geneva Conventions (286)
  • David P. Forsythe: Human Dignity, the ICRC, and the Swiss Government: The Lessons of History Debated (313)
  • Mijke de Waardt, Eva Willems: Recipients Versus Participants: Politics of Aid and Victim Representation in Transitional Justice Practices in Peru (339)
  • Allison Corkery: Can Human Rights Help Social Movement Activists Frame Inequality as an Injustice? Lessons From Mining Affected Communities in South Africa (364)
  • Thomas W. Smith: Leviathan’s Architect: Urbicide, Urban Renewal, and the Right to the City in Turkish Kurdistan (387)
  • Javaid Rehman: Revisiting the Jihad Ideology in Islamic International Law and its Appropriation by Nonstate Actors (417)

Book Reviews

  • Helen Epstein: The Power of Women: A Doctor’s Journey of Hope and Healing by Denis Mukwege ( (441)
  • James C. Simeon: Refugee Law After 9/11: Sanctuary and Security in Canada and the United States by Obiora Chinedu Okafor (445)
  • Contributors (449)


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