Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 2021/1

  • Linda Molli: Just a pale shadow? The characterization of Briseis in Homer’s Iliad (1)
  • Daniela Immacolata Cagnazzo: The cold case of Aitnaiai‘s stagecraft (11)
  • Maria Vittoria Curtolo: Notes on the papyri of Plato and the constitution of the text (21)
  • Marta Fogagnolo: Megaclides of Athens and the Homeric Exegesis between Aristotle and Aristarchus (33)
  • Enno Friedrich: The potet, the saint and the imitation of Christ in Venantius Fortunatus’ carmen 5.6* (43)
  • Oriol Febrer: Florence as the New Jerusalem in Ugolino Verino’s Carlias (53)
  • Sára Sánta: Fatum necessitatis lex. The tomb of Ovid in the Hungarian historiography (16–18th century) (63)
  • Magda Králová: Classical or Old Norse myth? German and Danish approaches to the use of myth in the modern literature at the turn of the 19th century (75)
  • Thomas Sojer: Eric Voegelin’s and Simone Weil’s return to Ancient Greece (87)


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