Comparative Politics 2022/2 (vol. 54)

  • Regina Bateson: Voting for a Killer: Efraín Ríos Montt’s Return to Politics in Democratic Guatemala (203)
  • David Pion-Berlin, Igor Aćacio: Explaining Military Responses to Protests in Latin American Democracies (229)
  • Eric Mosinger,  Kai M. Thaler,  Diana Paz García, Charlotte Fowler: Civil Resistance in the Shadow of the Revolution: Historical Framing in Nicaragua’s Sudden Uprising (253)
  • Per F. Andersson: Taxation and Left-Wing Redistribution: The Politics of Consumption Tax in Britain and Sweden (279)
  • Lucas Gonźalez, Marcelo Nazareno: Resisting Equality: Subnational State Capture and the Unequal Distribution of Inequality (303)
  • Pär Zetterberg,  Elin Bjarnegård,  Melanie M. Hughes,  Pamela Paxton: Democracy and the Adoption of Electoral Gender Quotas Worldwide (327)
  • Yuan Wang: Executive Agency and State Capacity in Development: Comparing Sino-African Railways in Kenya and Ethiopia (349)
  • Steven D. Schaaf: When Do Courts Constrain the Authoritarian State? Judicial Decision-Making in Jordan and Palestine (375)

  • Abstracts (401)