Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2024/5


  • Tetyana Nesterchuk: Unlocking the use of Russian Central Bank assets: is collateralisation the answer? (295)


  • Louise Gullifer: Non-notification receivables financing: can the assignor sue without joining the assignee? (299)
  • Jeremy Duffy, Tom Falkus, Richard Lloyd, Sherri Snelson, Samantha Richardson: Fund finance and sustainability: new guidance on the application of the SLLPs (303)
  • Christopher Boardman, Tom Beasley: Pitfalls with board resolutions authorising loan facilities (306)
  • Daniel Lightman, Reuben Comiskey: The rule in Clayton’s Case: its application in non-banking relationships (309)
  • Brie Stevens-Hoare: Delivering valid notices of assignment: s 136 in 2024 (312)
  • Matthew Parker: Does the restoration of Crown preference mean that guarantors can get off the hook? (316)
  • Emmar Radmore, Natalie Caple: Joining the dots: a wider use for AML e-verification tools? (319)
  • Nicholas Broomfield: A mortgagee’s accountability for mortgage valuations following Shokrollah-Babaee v EFG Private Bank (321)
  • Angela Batterson: The dynamics of insurers as lenders in the NAV market (325)
  • Charles Kerrigan, Charlotte Bellamy: Artificial intelligence in syndicated lending (327)
  • Sam Roberts: Channel Islands and statutory fences: obtaining evidence for use overseas (333)
  • Paul Ferguson, Karl Clowry, Harriet Territt, Aziz Abdul: Going cashless: the treatment of cryptoassets in insolvency proceedings (335)
  • Caroline Dawson, Paul Ellison, Sara Evans: Enhancing trust in ESG ratings: welcome moves to fix the ecosystem (337)

In Practice

  • Laura Smith: Rated subscription lines: bringing fund governing documents and finance documents into focus (341)
  • Jon Ford, Michael Tan: CP24/2: a comparison with other International Financial Centres (343)
  • Lee Harding, Prag Sivaguru: Culture and D&I in Financial Services: the latest reforms to shift the dial (344)
  • Lu’ayy Minwer Al-Rimawi: The critical importance of “Shariah compliance” in the Islamic financial services industry: the UK’s need for jurisprudential clarity (346)


  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court (348)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (351)
  • Market Movements by CMS (355)
  • Deals (357)
  • Legal Ease with Lexis+® UK (358)
  • International Briefing from Finland (360)