Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2023/5


  • James Palmer: Risk elimination by legislating: the limits of the law and challanges of reality (287)


  • Justina Stewart, Lucian Ilie, Anson Cheung, Hanif Virji: Credit Suisse, AT1 Bonds and taking the BIT between the teeth (293)
  • Ayowande A McCunn, Paul L Davies: On the regualatory discretion to write off AT1 capital (302)
  • Bobby Butcher, Elli Karaindrou: Regulation of small banks in the UK: lessons learned from SVB UK (306)
  • Ferdisha Snagg, George Bumpus, Andreas Wildner: Reforming the UK’s e-money and payment services safeguarded funds regimes: better safe than sorry (310)
  • Greg Brown: Sustainability-linked loans: how „green-washing” risk is mitigated in documentation (313)
  • Craig Morrison: Electronic deeds: signed, sealed… delivered? (315)
  • Hin Liu: Transferring legal title to a digital asset (317)
  • Dorothy Livingston: Digital securities: where are we now? (329)
  • Jonathan Schaffer-Goddard: Unknown unknowns: the worldwide development of the Worldwide Freezing Order against persons unknown (332)
  • Hannah Laming, Paul Anderson: Edinburgh Reforms: does the Senior Managers and Certification Regime need changing? (335)
  • Nazeer Chowdhury: „More image than a shade”. the time is ripe for reform of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (338)
  • Timothy McIver: Kayleigh Anderson: How has the UK National Security and Investment Act impacted cross-border M&A? (340)
  • Xavier Foccroulle Ménard, Pierre-Alexandre Chagnon: Taking security over Central Bank Digital Currency (345)

In Practice

  • Donald Lowe, James Bell: What can a borrower do when a lender fails to fund? (350)
  • Kelesi Blundell, Ioannis Asimakopoulos: Capital requirements for banks holding cryptoassets: rushing towards the same direction (352)
  • Sophie Lessar, Katie O’Hara: Buy-Now Pay-Later Regulation: what’s next for third-party lenders? (353)


  • Case Analysis by One Essex Court, Merton College and a research assisteant at the Law Commission (354)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (359)
  • Market Movements by CMS (363)
  • Deals (365)
  • Legal Ease by Lexis+© UK (366)
  • International Briefing from New Zealand (367)