Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 2023/4


  • Mark Dwyer, Antony Hainsworth: Flight of the deposits – (2023) (207)


  • Simon Salzedo, Tom Wood: Improper leverage? Own interest conflicts and the designation model in leveraged finance transactions (209)
  • Deborah Sabalot Deane: The Great Game: UK financial services and the Edinburgh Reforms programme (212)
  • Philip Morrison: Board minutes after Sequana: practical advice for the corporate drafter (216)
  • Iain Clacher, Con Keating, Philip Bennett: Are leveraged LDI strategies lawful? A rejoinder and a request (219)
  • Edward J. Nalbantian, Caroline A Talbert: Syndicated lending and third-party agents: a practical primer (224)
  • Thomas Papadogiannis Varouchakis: Risks for investors at the post-insolvency stage of the covered bond issuer (227)
  • Hanif Virji: Valuing swaps: what exactly are “hidden costs” and “mark-to-market”? (231)
  • Riz Mokal: What is an insolvency proceeding? (234)
  • Amy Held: Cryptoassets as property under English law Pt II: ownership, situs and the circular question of jurisdiction (236)
  • Matthew Weaver: Re Duomatic: plugging holes and fixing oversights but not all of the time (241)
  • Tom Marshall, Charles Kerrigan: Warranties in corporate transactions involvng tokens or blockchains: a proposal for a foundational approach (243)
  • Mary Bear, Jon Burke, Christopher P Duerden, John McGrath, Richard Pugh, John M Timperio, Lindsay Trapp, David E Miller, Eric Zeng: Collateralised Fund Obligations (CFOs): th technicolor dreamcoat of fund finance from a US and UK/EU perspective (248)
  • Ferdisha Snagg, Laura Prosperetti, Andreas Wildner: A MiCAR for the UK? Or something else altogether? (255)
  • Spyridon V Bazinas, Georgios Psaroudakis: Security interests in insolvency: UNCITRAL instruments and Greek law compared (259)

In Practice

  • Monia Volpato, Rachit Agarwal: Intra-group loan agreements: what do finance lawyers need to know? (262)
  • David Milligan, Daniel Nevzat, Tamara Ubink: “Double materiality”: what does it mean for non-financial reporting? (264)
  • Marc Craggs, Helen Coverdale: UK government consults on new insolvency model laws (267)


  • EU Update by Aikaterini Theodosopoulu, Vasiliki Pappgagiannopoulou (269)
  • Case Analysis: by 3 Verulan Buildings, Wilkie Farr & Gallagher LLP and South Square (271)
  • Regulation Update by Norton Rose Fulbright (277)
  • Market Movements by CMS (280)
  • Legal Ease with LexisPSL (282)
  • International Briefing from Switzerland (283)